“I have always loved the result of allowing analytics to play with creativity. The space between the two is where breakthrough happens. A good strategy is simply a good story, the kind that provokes action and instigates change. The kind you can’t forget. The kind you want to read again and build on. The kind that connects to human beings. There is a story that led to and sustains almost every business on this planet, the question is only whether that story continues to compel, or whether it is losing its value. The key to sustaining value lies in our ability to fuse data and empathy into insight. A great story is, after all, just data with a soul. 
We are surrounded by superficial strategies that are covered by blanket statements. Those blanket statements need to be DCODED into a language that translates into impact. Innovation is not a department, it is a DNA. Talent is not a resource, it is an investment. Agility is not a process, it is a habit. Transformation is not a chore, it is a culture. Digital is not a medium, it is a mindset. I created DCODED, not only to facilitate impactful strategy and innovation, but to evoke the development of strategic DNA and innovative thinking. We Dcode progress by partnering with our clients as the strategy, training and insight suppliers. We shape the story, they write the book.”

Kirsten Leeuw

Founder and MD of Dcoded (Pty) Ltd, RSA

Every single business, irrespective of nature, needs to connect with people in order to exist. From keeping up with the rate of change, to achieving and sustaining client satisfaction & stakeholder value, there is no escaping the need to connect. We connect in order to exist, grow and sustain.

We, at DCODED, like to push the boundaries of progress by breaking a problem or opportunity down to it’s roots to facilitate effective creativity and change. Our value lies in our ability to transform the facts into stories that inspire ideation, innovation and impact. We are constantly immersing ourselves, and our clients in think tanks, presentations and discussions that provoke progress and craft ideas to create new levels and leagues of value.

We pride ourselves in our hybrid ability to see business and brand as one entity, and connect the dots that often get lost in the space between the human and business needs. We expose the human truth to inject soul into data. All with the purpose of exposing and creating opportunities that initiate tangible impact for our clients.