Brands are people too!

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    21st century brands are becoming more and more human. They are made for people and by people. They infiltrate lives and carry provocative and profound perceptions. Business and Brand can no longer be separate entities. Business enables a brand to deliver and brands give a business the means to connect, the ability to exist.

Made of stories 

Show DetailsThe universe is not made of atoms, it is made of stories. Stories have been the universal mode of connection for over 100 000 years and they are still the base of our connection to everything. Storytelling is an infinite art and there is a significant difference between a good story and a great story. This talk outlines the anatomy of great stories and challenges us to tell compelling ones that are shared more than they are sold.

Transform or lie

Show DetailsChange is the only constant. As the world progresses at an unpredictable speed, businesses and people need to adjust rapidly and create a habit of transforming to raise the bar. Many businesses have the reputation of “not doing what they say they do” or simply “not changing fast enough, or even at all”. This talk tackles the era of transformation and outlines the dangers of faking it or worse yet, transforming as an obligation.

Culture is not a cult

Show DetailsCulture is more than a set of values and a cool mantra on the wall. In many cases a company’s reputation in the minds of employees directly opposes said mantra. Culture is held up by  6 pillars/components that all support each other. If one collapses it creates a domino effect that causes a culture to live and die with certain people. If a culture doesn’t live between an organisation and the people in it, it doesn’t exist.

Data needs humanity to matter

Humans wanted! (4IR)

Insights are everywhere, but not everyone can see them

Failures rule the world: win or learn


Creatures of habit

Hypocrites anonymous

Focus until it burns

My ego made me do it

But money does grow on trees

Business is personal

Transparency is the new black

Innovation is a DNA, not a department (The rise of the original).

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    This talk addresses the need for an innovation revolution in Africa. It thoughtfully identifies our ability and responsibility, as Africans,  to not only participate but lead the future. Practically, the plethora of different paths and hurdles to innovation are addressed and challenged to leave the audience inspired to innovate with agility and creativity and give rise to the habit of originality.

Fortune favors the brave: Entrepreneurial thinking is not only for entrepreneurs

Caution: Do not feed the fear!

The Walking Dead

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